Nissan Navara Roll Bars


Roll bars on your Nissan Navara can be aesthetically appealing, but for those who use their pick-up truck for driving off-road it is essential that pick-up trucks be equipped with the necessary safety equipment for the protection of its driver and passengers. The roll bar is such an accessory.

Roll bars are installed on the back of the pick-up truck’s cab; they are intended to protect its occupants by preventing the cab to be crushed in the event of a roll over thus the name “roll bar”, they are also known as sports bars and or styling bars.

Roll bars are usually made of stainless steel, they can be hand polished or you can get them in black. What is great about roll bars is that there are different designs and sizes to suit your needs and to be used in conjunction with other accessories you may have installed in your Nissan Navara or are planning on getting for it.

You can attach overhead spotlights to it, used them with tonneau covers, roller shutters and or to match your front and rear bars.

When ordering Nissan Navara roll bars you may want to take into consideration the versatility of the roll bar as in some cases it can be used on different pick-up truck models, if you decide in the future to change trucks.

You must also inquire about the fitting kit as most will come with it, which includes instructions and hardware needed to facilitate the installation of your new roll bar. They are installed on top of the bed rails adjacent to the cab and do not take away any cargo space on the bed.

Roll bars are good investment as they are strong and durable, add value to your Navara, and if you decide to keep them just install them in your new truck and no need to buy a new one.

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