From Simple to Complex Dog Agility Training

Dog agility training cannot be complete without agility starter kits for dogs. It is because no one can get as better jump start to dog agility without using the starter kit. You can expect for mini versions of standard agility training equipment such as mini-teeter, mini-dogwalk or contact trainer with agility starter kits for dogs.

The size of materials included in starter kits must be applicable to your dog. At a minimum, eight foot dog walk is appropriate for small to medium dogs instead of the standard twelve foot dogwalks. The jumps are also recommended to be simple instead of becoming complicated. You can install four simple jumps instead of one single plus a triple jump.

The agility starter kits for dogs must be correlated to the size and speed of your dog that is why the PVC size must be ¾” or 1” for the weave poles. These can be perfect for small to medium sized dogs.

The size of the space allotted for the agility training of your dog can also allow more equipment for you to use. With larger space you can install as many as eight jumps to practice with your dog a few minutes every day. You can also install straight line exercises, angled jumps and drills which can be box or circular.

After trying the agility starter kits for dogs, you can also try competition dog agility equipment to further enhance your dog’s skills. You know yourself that dog agility training is addictive right? You just can’t get enough of the thrill and excitement. The enjoyment and health benefits of dog agility training really makes you crave for more.

Competition dog agility equipment means improved standard agility equipment in general. These are usually longer and wider tunnels, higher and tougher jumps, complex dogwalks, and more challenging wobble boards and seesaws. The increased sizes and heights of competition dog agility equipment means that the endurance level of your dog needs to be stretched to the maximum. Just make sure that your dog is safe all the time. It is not cool to see your dog become injured.

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