Four Ways to Create Backyard Shade

There is an enormous amount of shading products available for outdoor areas. Most of these devices do not need complicated or expensive installation procedures and can be done in a day’s time. Such structures include gazebos, retractable awnings, rolling shades and patio umbrellas. For additional tips, go to the Yardsurfer deck center.

1) Gazebos:
A gazebo is practically a small room with a vaulted overhead shade. While most gazebos do not come with side walls, some units do. In fact, some side walls are made of mesh which keeps flying insects out of the interior. Other walls are made of plastic and have small windows. Tiered gazebos have multiple shade layers with vents that let hot air escape out the top. Portable and folding gazebos are ideal for situations where you need shading on the go.

2) Retractable Awnings:
A retractable awning is installed directly onto the wall of your home. It is comprised of a fabric shade which folds out from the wall when needed. Both manual and electronically controlled retraction is available. Users can select an awning according to its width and how far it juts out from the house.

3) Rolling Shades:
A rolling shade can be made of fabric, bamboo or even plastic. These shades are intended to be used on existing awnings. They attach to the sides of your patio awning to form a shaded enclosure. Using just a few screws, you can have such a shade installed in a few minutes. They typically use a twisting bar or chain & pulley to operate.

4) Patio Umbrellas:
When there are no structures from which to attach a shade, patio umbrellas can come into play. They are able to mount to the center of a patio table or on their own separate mount and can be placed anywhere on the patio. Models with wheels can be rolled to and from locations in the yard. Yard Surfer has information on all types of patio umbrellas, including cantilever, square and market ones.

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